Create a List

Create a list of all the items you’re going to have moved. This is important to help you get organized, but it’s also important for your mover.

Figure Out What You Don’t Need

Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of items that you’re not using. A good rule of thumb is if you have something that has been in storage, or packed up for more than 2 years (and it doesn’t carry any sentimental value), this may be a good time to either get rid of or sell these items that you’re not getting any use from.

Are You Bringing Your Appliances?

This is where you’re going to want to ask yourself some questions about your appliances. Are your existing appliances going to fit in your new home? If you care about your decor, do the colours of your appliances watch the rooms in which they will be placed in your new home? Gas or Electric? If you have a gas stove currently, but your new home is set up for electric, you’re either going to want to buy a new electric stove, or make the proper arrangements to run a gas line into your kitchen.

Home Insurance

This is a good time to contact your insurance broker or insurance company to make sure that everything is in place with your homeowner’s insurance at your new home.

Eat Your Food

It may sound a little silly, but nobody wants to waste food, and foods that need to be refrigerated or frozen generally don’t travel very well. So you’re going to want to make plans as to how you can use up existing food that you have in your home, and you’ll probably not want to buy any more frozen food at this point that won’t be used up entirely prior to the move.


Ideally, when you’re doing a whole-home move, you want to have your mover booked about a month in advance.

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