Piano Moving


Piano moving is a specialized service that should not be left up to just any mover. Moving a couch has little in common with the skills (and strength) needed to move a piano.

Every piano is a unique instrument, and therefore, the process that we use in moving it is unique. For example, certain types of pianos such as an upright grand piano need not be disassembled. Others, like a baby grand piano need extra care in terms of removing the legs and wrapping them properly in blankets.

Pianos are valuable both in a monetary & sentimental sense. So you can take comfort in our Damage-Free Guarantee. We treat your piano as our own, and use the utmost amount of care in transporting it. With some movers, problems can arise not in the process of moving the piano throughout the house, but during the actual transport of the piano itself in the truck. Properly packing, wrapping, positioning & securing your piano in our truck is important in allowing us to ensure our Damage-Free Guarantee.

If you’re doing a full move with Curtis-E Movers, there’s no additional charge for moving your piano if there are no stairs involved.

Fill out the form to the right for a quote if you are doing a piano-only move. If you are doing a whole-home move, you can request a quote here.